Video preview for Drink Factory’s GOTHIC

Shot, edited and soundtracked from an original formula by Drink Factory as promotion for their upcoming “Gothic” project
More info at
Soundtrack: Korg Volcas, Guitar, Memory Boy

What am I doing at the Moment?

Good question.
I’m currently working as EU Design Lead at Blurb. We make books for designers, photographers, bloggers and enthusaists, allowing them to use the tools and premium finishes they expect and order anything from 1 book to hundreds.
I’ve been there since September 2011, working across exhibition work, online work, campaign and brand direction and a range of printed projects.


Next Say Yes poster for our party on the 3rd January!

Nadia Ksaiba – Virtual Lover

A quick promo video produced for Nadia Ksaiba for her upcoming single “Virtual lover” on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy records. Nadia wanted to make a “proper youtube video” – the spinning record on the home turntable familiar to Youtube diggers. Sound by the very talented Matt Waites.

Young Turks + Clove Club

On 24/8/11, The Young Turks and Clove Club got together at Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar on a Peckham carpark rooftop for a night of Ocakbasi style food

Tony Conigliaro Recipes

For the past year or so, I’ve been filming all new drinks for Tony Conigliaro at the Drinks Factory


1. Editorial piece for article on Hippy Retreats in Time Out London.
2. Logo drawn for G&S – a recording project of Nadia Ksaiba and Matt Waites
3. Illustration for article by James Kettle about funerals in the future.

Loosefit “Bolsena” Video

Animated video produced with lots of overnight after-effects renders on a very old mac for Dan and Johnny from the Clove Club’s musical project.

Kele “On the Lam” Video

Two week long collaboration with the stylist Nova Dando for this video for the music artist Kele(Bloc Party.)

Say Yes Flyers

A selection of Flyers I produced for the night “Say Yes” – a night I also DJ’d at with residents Nadia Ksaiba and Rory Phillips along with guests including Andy Blake, In Flagranti, Cosmo Vitelli, Dompteur Mooner, Zombie Zombie, Dan Beaumont, Ali Renault and Krikor

Aviva Touchscreen

This interactive piece was designed for a Roadshow to introduce attendants to a range of financial planning options based on a set of demographic parameters that they could input using fun, tactile devices.


Quite a big project this, produced at Chemistry- a microsite for kids involving an environment in which users can explore, play minigames and build up a file of knowledge about plants and animals. My role involved developing the initial digital concept and experience architecture from the Experiential Department’s concept, advising on the art direction as applied to digital, layout and interactive design, and flash animation of characters.

EDIT: Brand Experience Awards 2009: GOLD for Most Effective Live / Digital Integration: Triple Velvet Tree Detective Experiential and Online !

EDIT 2: DMA 2009: GOLD for Best FMCG Campaign of the year: SCA Tree Detective integrated campaign



1. In-house UX design work at RAC assisting the full redevelopment of their site.

Dove “Hair Therapy” Microsite

My first interactive project at Chemistry. I oversaw design of the look and user journey of the exercise, and direction and editing of video in a way that would allow a near-seamless conversation with the stylist.