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Bar Termini: “Apertivo”

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Here is the first part of a video I made just before Christmas for Bar Termini. In their words:

“Bar Termini is a coffee and cocktail bar that takes inspiration from the idea of a bar in an Italian train station in the 1950s, with its name taken from Rome’s famous train station ‘Roma Termini’. The bar is situated in the heart of Soho on Old Compton Street.Around the time of World War II, London saw an influx of Italian immigrants, many of which opened their own businesses. Soho became home to many new Italian restaurants, bars and delicatessens, some of which still exist today.Since opening Bar Termini, many new faces that have bought us interesting stories from their time in Soho. We began to look into the history of our neighbourhood, particularly between 1930s -1970s – We were surprised to find a whole host of characters with stories to tell.
In this short series, we meet Elena Salvoni, John Billiet and Teresa Arrigo, who kindly share their memories of the time they spent in Soho.”

Idea Planning: Sketchbooks vs Cards

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I set up my own studio to have a (hopefully) happy and creative balance of paid hours, and time for personal projects and R+D. However on a day to day level, balance isn’t necessarily the same as control. In practice, the luxury of ignoring all contact and going off the grid for days devoted to private work is incompatible with the need to be on standby for clients, who may be on a retainer and agents, whose first ask may always be their most reliable contacts. Those hours come in the form of half days, early mornings and evenings, or even an hour waiting for feedback or for a client in a different timezone to come online. It is really important to make sure those hours count towards those self-motivated projects.

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Setting up Shop

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I’m excited to announce the launch of my own creative practice: MRTW Studio. (I’ve set up a page for it here)
Based just off Broadway market  in Hackney and specialising in graphic design and branding across print, online and video, from mid December I will be available for new projects, short contract work and consultancy as well as taking on some “special projects” of my own in sound, vision and new technology.

For the last 3 years I’ve been working at Blurb, a San Francisco based tech company that has been going through an exciting transition from a print-on-demand book service to a full-service self-publishing platform. It’s been a trip, we’ve done some great work and I’m proud to be keeping them on my client list.

If you’d like to talk about your creative needs get in touch.


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Moving into a much smaller home is a good design exercise. Nothing stays unless it can be efficiently, and attractively stored. This required a herd-thinning exercise of items such as tapes.

Korg Volcas

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2013-11-14 19.55.20 These little analog synths are great. Only slight problem is that with very small pots, the “mobile phone pic as preset memory” doesn’t work so well, as viewable here


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I love Vine, there seems to be a new community of very funny people doing very clever things with the format. Unfortunately, the Android app never seems to actually upload so I’m reduced to sticking nonsense like this inbetween pictures of cats and food on Instagram.

Lenticular Photos

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Some shots I took at Dalston Superstore using my ebay-bought lenticular camera. The camera shoots 4 angles across 2 frames on 35mm film, which can then be photoshopped (with a bit of work to recalibrate the angles from the negative) into short loops.
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