Modular Print

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I’ve been working on this Print design. Let me know if you want a copy (still finalising the colours) – or, if you are an expert, if there are any configurations which simply don’t work!


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I’ve been playing with Voronoi patterns. I’d seen this word as a “noise” setting in C4D and it always works well for a realistic distribution of cracks on a surface. Turns out that is because of the mathematics behind it


How I like to organise my Visual Diary

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Like nearly everyone using a computer for visual design, I like to keep a folder of images I have grabbed off the internet. Here is the directory structure I use for the things I find most visually interesting. The underscores mean that even if end up dragging a load of rubbish into the main folder, it is easy to sort at a later date.

This helps me start the day with a nice tidy desktop. Plain grey, no dashboard, a couple of aliases to my most used shared folders and whatever I am working on at that time. (below)


CONCLUSION: Keep all of the chaos. It sustains the colour and the energy in your work, just, for sanity’s sake, find someway of containing it.






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A bit of Evil Edna in this one, and more experiments with invisible rigging to get the right mix of real-world dynamics and cartoon animation.