*Due to projects being in mid-development, and NDAs in place, I am not able to show examples of this work at this time.


I’ve been working with TVPlayer, a TV streaming service, on improving their Free-to-Subscription conversion, as well as creating visual unity and a design system for their apps across browser, iOS, Android, Amazon, TVOS, and XBox.

Fitness App

I have recently been working on the Brand and UX development of a mobile app in the personal health space.

The client, with a great deal of insight in this area, has identified key features not present in other players in this field, and the first stage of this project was to create a prototype, using Sketch and Marvel, to put the app in the hands of potential users to understand the features’ value, as well as gauge comprehension and enthusiasm for the app.

Recognising that the app would be launched into a fairly crowded space, the next stage was to work intensively on the brand, researching the competition and more broadly, understanding the desired user base, and developing an appropriate aesthetic and tone. This was distilled into a small set of visual themes that could be quickly applied to our designs and shown to users for comparison, as well as photographic art direction which could be used to create visual assets at an early stage.


I have been working on early stage product designs with the founders of /Roam, a travel and technology startup. More information soon…