I worked first with Wunderman, and later The Blue Hive (now GTB) between 2010-2011 on a series of interactive microsites used to promote launches of the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta.

In these projects, myself and Dominik Bineggar, a motion graphics designer, would work closely with the Creative Teams to develop the user experience from the initial concept – creating UI’s that allowed intuitive, intriguing interactions, and creating complex matrixes of video assets using After Effects and 3d rendered assets that would allow for seamless transtitions through the experience.

Ford Focus launch microsite

In this site, a 3d rendered video would take the user through all the features of the Ford focus. Flowlines, created in After Effects would wrap through the video, presenting hotspots that would allow the user to dig into further information about a particular feature.

Ford Fiesta launch microsite

In this site, a number of the dashboard features of the new Ford Fiesta were demonstrated with short interactive sequences. Cleverly, some of these would involve interaction between separate modules on the page. Working with the art-director Nick Hearne, my job was designing the user interface elements and creating animated transitions between video clips (which necessitated two days of VFX direction on shoot + construction of all components in After Effects).

Ford Focus TVC Storyboarding

Assisting the Creative team with storyboards for international TVC campaigns.