Working closely with Drink Factory, who were producing a multi-sensory presentation for Havana Club to take out to the bar industry, to help educate the effects of context on flavour.

My role was to organise the visual part of this. Using Google Cardboard, we created immersive video environments that the participants could access from their own phones through provided headsets. The videos were 1-4 minutes in length and were synchronised to smells, sounds and verbal cues from the speaker.

I filmed the 4 videos in a week in Cuba, after extensive research and development of suitable ways to best capture 360 video in the available environments and lighting. Mindful of keeping equipment to a minimum for easy transport into Cuba, I ended up using two different rig configurations, and developed a workflow that allowed for stitching while we were out on location for client approval. The final stitching and post-production then took place in the week following our return, and the presentations started shortly after.

Click and drag on the videos to view around the environment. For best results, view videos on a phone using a Google Cardboard Viewer. 


Intended to introduce the audience to the technology in a fun and thrilling way, in this video, we are driven forward by an unseen guide to the balcony overlooking Havana, and then over the edge.



A scene setting exercise, the visuals are accompanied by the sounds of the streets, and smells pumped into the auditorium, of sea air and tobacco smoke.



This video leads a discussion about the effect of colour on taste, with the Rum aging warehouse bathed first in red, and then blue light.



Finally, a discussion on the effect of the shape of glassware upon taste, here bartender Tony Conigliaro, in the bar of the Museo del Ron directs the viewer as to when to drink from each of the three glasses in front of them