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Bar Termini Stories

Since its opening, I have been producing video content for Bar Termini – a Soho bar founded as a collaboration between Marco Arrigo (coffee), Tony Conigliaro (cocktails) and Mo Coppoletta (artwork).

The videos were intended to increase awareness of some of the processes that make the bar unique within its environment as well as the shared London Italian cultural background of the founders which informs it.


Mo Coppoletta’s artwork for Bar Termini

“World famous tattoo artist Mo Coppoletta (The Family Business) has designed a series of labels for each of the Negronis served at Bar Termini, influenced by the Italian Aperitivo culture. In this video, he outlines his approach to their design”

Espresso al Bar

“Coffee the Italian way, quick and easy. Available for one pound all day, standing at the bar.”


“Marco Arrigo demonstrates the making of Bar Termini’s “Bianco” coffee on the bar’s Faema machine”

Bar Termini Stories

“Bar Termini is a coffee and cocktail bar that takes inspiration from the idea of a bar in an Italian train station in the 1950s, with its name taken from Rome’s famous train station ‘Roma Termini’. Around the time of World War II, London saw an influx of Italian immigrants, many of which opened their own businesses. Soho became home to many new Italian restaurants, bars and delicatessens, some of which still exist today. Since opening Bar Termini, many new faces that have bought us interesting stories from their time in Soho. We began to look into the history of our neighbourhood, particularly between 1930s -1970s – We were surprised to find a whole host of characters with stories to tell.

In this short series, we meet Elena Salvoni, John Billiet and Teresa Arrigo, who kindly share their memories of the time they spent in Soho.”