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Drink Factory Video Work

Founded in 2005, Drink Factory is a collective of like-minded bartenders looking to expand their creativity and knowledge of cocktails by pushing the boundaries of their respective crafts. I worked out of their London Fields lab in 2014, and during this time, produced a number of videos used for social content and promotion of their projects.


Drink Factory Magazine

Drink Factory Magazine was a luxuriously produced publication, in which artists and photographers presented editorials based on some of the recipes and research that the Drink Factory had been working on. Each issue had its own theme, and I created video promos to tease the content.

Drink Factory Recipe Videos

Videos of seasonally created recipes, produced for the Drink Factory to show off their intricate processes as well as for collaborative promotions

Print Work

Though the majority of my work for Drink Factory was video production, there were occasional print jobs that needed doing for their bars– 69 Colebrooke Row and Bar Termini

69 Colebrooke Row Vouchers

Bohemian Illustration

Rain Logo Design