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Promo Videos

Short films, mixing animation with live footage, produced for music, food and fashion clients between 2007-2011.

Young Turks X The Clove Club @ Franks promo video

On 24/8/11, long before they found a permanent site, The Young Turks and the Clove Club got together at Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar on a Peckham carpark rooftop for a night of Ocakbasi style food. Soundtrack by Loosefit.

Kele: On the Lam

Collaboration with stylist/director Nova Dando for this video for the music artist Kele (Bloc Party.) Arthur Loveday shot the footage, which I then edited. Nova’s direction was that every shot should have a different animation style which kept us very busy for two weeks.

Cassetteplaya: 2007 Fashion Week Presentation

A video I made with Jo Apps and Mario Campos for Cassetteplaya‘s 2007 catwalk show. I took care of the after effects colour effects and compositing while Jo took care of the editing and Mario produced the dazzling pixel animations. The designer had stated that she did not want to reveal the exact colourway of her next collection in the show, so I created an effect whereby each individual garment had it’s own hue-cycle, out of phase with the main hue cycle.

Nadia Ksaiba: Virtual Lover

Promotional video produced for Nadia Ksaiba‘s single “Virtual lover” released on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound. Having looked at a few treatments elsewhere, Nadia decided that instead of a traditional music video, she wanted a “proper youtube video” – a development of the simple ‘spinning record on the home turntable’ visual familiar to Youtube diggers. Sound by the very talented Matt Waites.

Loosefit: Bolsena

Stage visuals for the pre-Clove Club musical project of Johnny Smith and Dan Willis