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"Thomas worked with us for just under a year and in that time has achieved incredible work contributing to our SaaS application. He helped us refine and structure our design systems as well as design large complex workflows, owning the entire design lifecycle from initial conception, wire-framing, prototyping to hand-off for our engineers. His care and attention to detail coupled with his critical awareness of user motive and empathy led to beautiful intuitive experiences on our platform. We really hope we can work with him again in the future."

Scott Wooden

Co-Founder and CPO, Atellio

"Thomas is an exceptional designer, and one of the best UI/UX designers that I have ever worked with. He has a unique ability to design user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboards. Thomas is an excellent communicator, and he has great teamwork skills. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to his colleagues, and he is always willing to adapt his designs to alleviate the burden of his team members. Thomas has a deep understanding of the problems and difficulties that the engineering team faces. He is able to collaborate with the engineering team to develop designs that are both user-friendly and technically feasible. His ability to understand the technical aspects of a project makes him an excellent collaborator and a valuable asset to the team. Thomas is an excellent team player and a great communicator. He is able to work collaboratively with his team members, and he always provides timely and effective feedback. His dedication and commitment to the project were evident throughout the design process.""

Marios Passaris

Lead Software Engineer, Atellio

"Thomas joined us while we were working on our rebrand — and while he was was hands-on in with the team, exploring and defining the new design direction, his main focus was to take this and interpret it into a Figma pattern library for the team. In this, he was fantastic at supporting and empowering the designers — in a sense becoming the 'glue' that helped the team stay aligned, pick up our new UI language, and deliver new features quickly. Meticulous, systematic, and safe pair of hands — I can't recommend Thomas enough, both as an experienced Product Designer, and as a Systems Designer."

Chris Allwood

Head of Product Design, Bloom&Wild

"I brought Thomas into tails.com after working with him at onefinestay.com. It was a pleasure to be reunited, and I'd do it again and again. Thomas is an exceptionally strategic designer, and incredibly well rounded - art direction, digital design, UX, and full video production. He throws himself into understanding the full business, the market, and the customer - and he has an ability to handle an enormous amount of complexity. Thomas leaves a legacy of a much improved customer experience and we will continue to draw on his work and his backlog of improvements. From the outset Thomas acted in such a way and delivered at such a high standard that he was embraced by all - design, development, product, and marketing. And it's such a bonus that he can lead video projects as well - so you can consolidate your use of external resources, your onboarding, etc. Whether your team is all set to welcome a new UX thinker or is feeling a bit wary, Thomas is the guy to deliver. Be ready to be challenged and for everyone to held to a high standard of thinking and a high pace of output."

Miranda Cresswell

Chief Marketing Officer, Tails.com, Global Brand Director, Onefinestay

"Thomas is a critical thinker, who from the outset is focused on aesthetics, design principles, and user experience. His ability to be a big picture thinker, whilst focusing on detailed execution offers a unique perspective as he is able to predict problems before they arise and offer solutions proactively."

Milena Canizares

Director of Content and Creative, Blurb